What We Do

Greenhaven Partners builds dynamic companies that can thrive in the digital world


Our businesses are reinventing information products and software, developing new ways to connect with customers and creating new services that exploit new technologies and serve evolving media habits. Greenhaven Partners typically innovate around a core product to develop higher-value products and services that simplify our customers’ work lives.

We work closely with our entrepreneurial partners to prioritize and seize these opportunities via start-up, organic growth and acquisition opportunities.

We are active board members of our businesses, typically helping to develop strategy, determine investment priorities and budgets and recruit new talent.

We believe that value-added information and insight can cut across media and geographies. To be successful, however, our businesses must continually adapt to changing technology and information consumption behavior.

Greenhaven Partners have built businesses around the globe in a variety of media, including:

  • Web sites
  • Online communities
  • Software
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • E-Zines
  • Magazines
  • Directories & Databases
  • Executive peer networks
  • Syndicated market research
  • Advisory and consulting services